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On Friday, President Joe Biden warned Americans to expect setbacks as he continues to try to fix the economy.
He said that it would take time to bring inflation back to normal levels, as long as we keep the job market strong. However, he promised to remain “laser-focused on the economy.”

He claimed that inflation at the grocery stores was “down slightly,” even if the price of food at home has risen 12.4 percent over the previous year.

The president met with business and labor leaders to discuss the economy on an imitation White House video. He made about seven minutes worth of remarks before releasing the press.

He claimed that economic growth had increased by 2.6 percent, and that unemployment was still low. This proved that his policies had been successful in turning the economy around.

Biden encouraged Americans not to rush until his policies were implemented, which would provide seniors with lower-cost diabetes medication. Biden also advocated tax credits to help homeowners replace windows and doors, as well as heating systems and mount solar panels on their roofs.

He said that it was good for your wallet and the environment because you use less energy. Noting that tax credits would “just start to kick in.”