Senator Almost Becomes The Victim Of Chicago’s Violence, Lightfoot Says Nothing About Rising Crime

Chicago has gotten so bad that even Senators are speaking out about the gun violence they are witnessing – and almost become victims of. Sen. Dick Durbin recently talked about how he was almost the victim of gun violence in Chicago, adding that Mayor Lori Lightfoot needs to declare a public emergency to put an end to the ongoing violence in the city.

Sen. Durbin shared his experience after eating dinner in downtown Chicago with his wife. He said they were driving home on Lake Shore about 10:00 PM on Saturday night when they heard a popping sound.

“I didn’t know what it was, the driver of the car said, ‘those are gunshots.’ It turned out to be the car next to us. The driver was leaning out the window and shooting into the air. He could have just as easily been shooting the gun at us. Sadly, that’s what happens way too often,” Durbin said.

Durbin went on to say that he’s never seen a gun used in that way and hopes to never see it again.

Former White House advisor David Axelrod even urged Mayor Lightfoot to declare a public safety emergency, noting that it requires the mayor to do more than they can handle at city government. He said he was not blaming the deadly violence of Chicago on Lightfoot but rather suggesting that it has been an ongoing threat she has ignored for quite some time now. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most recent report, killings in Chicago increased 56%.

Axelrod also notes that Lightfoot’s response is going to be on her account if she decides to run for re-election in 2023. He went on to say she would get “crushed” if she runs again after ignoring Chicago’s out-of-control violence. Chicago has become so prominently violent across the nation that lawmakers in other states are sponsoring legislation to ensure that they “don’t become Chicago.”

Sen. Brandon Beach recently drafted legislation that would put Buckhead cityhood on the November ballot and let the 103,000 citizens choose their form of government. Buckhead has seen a violent year and crime in the double digits. Shootings and violent crime have infested shopping and dining districts, with citizens overly frustrated and describing the area as “living in a war zone.” The legislation got the support of Buckhead City Committee’s 12 total senators.

The legislation proposes taking away 10% of Atlanta’s operating budget to break away and prioritize the establishment of their own police force. Bill White, chairman of the Buckhead City Committee, added that they are going to pay their officers and have “the highest-paid police officers in the state of Georgia.”

Others have argued against the move, adding that it would force residents to pay much higher taxes, especially in water and sewer rates. Critics said the residents would be responsible for bond and pension obligations and that the Georgia constitution prevents the creation of new public school districts. They emphasized how there would be “no public schools” for Buckhead kids to attend.

But others have lashed back that they won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything if they don’t feel safe in their own city.

Progressives and the big cities have turned their back on the police, which has only raised crime and forced more officers to resign. And who’s going to fill the gaps when all of the police are gone? Democrats are only budget-conscious and worried about the economy when it has to do with supporting the police.