Sen. Kennedy Rips Mayorkas A New One Over Nina Jankowicz, Exposing a Larger Problem

DHS and Joe Biden have been unfairly criticized for their “Disinformation Governance board.” This is an Orwellian idea. This was to stop disinformation from spreading in minority communities ahead of the midterms. An astonishing thing on multiple levels — for treating minorities like children who need to be told what they should believe, as well as the government deciding what qualifies as “disinformation,” particularly since they are big purveyors of disinformation themselves.

I previously reported on Alejandro Mayorkas (DHS Secretary), hitting Sunday shows to justify his Board. It didn’t work out as planned. Mayorkas attempted to minimize the Board’s role and claimed that it would “safeguard” speech. He also claimed Nina Jankowicz was the Board’s head but was “absolutely neutral” in politics.

Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from Louisiana, had Wednesday’s chance to question Mayorkas about his Board. Kennedy was just too aggressive with him. He asked Mayorkas about Jankowicz’s hiring, and if Hunter Biden knew that Jankowicz had called Jankowicz’s laptop Russian disinformation.

Mayorkas said he didn’t know that. Kennedy then asked him if he knew that she had “vouched for” the Steele dossier’s accuracy and veracity. Kennedy laughed and said, “I know.” ”

The “absolutely neutral person” promoted the falsehood concerning Carter Page that Clinton operatives propagated.

Kennedy wanted to know whether the Department knew anything about Kennedy’s TikTok videos. Kennedy half-smiled. ”

Mayorkas said that he didn’t know about it. Here’s an example to show why Kennedy used the phrase “precocious”.

How could they have vetted her disinformation and videos if they didn’t know? They should not have hired her, and they don’t appear to be capable of running an efficient hiring process at the agency that is responsible for our safety.