Schumer And Fernstein Request Holding Off Supreme Court Nomination

It didn’t take long for the radical left to turn the President’s positive coronavirus diagnosis into pushing yet another political agenda. The unfortunate news has prompted Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein to release a letter regarding the Supreme Court Nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

The letter calls Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham to hold off Barrett’s hearings on the U.S Supreme Court justice nominee. They cited risking the spread of COVID-19 in light of President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and Sen. Mike Lee testing positive for the virus. 

Since the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, both Schumer and Feinstein have been opposing a hearing schedule to nominate a replacement for her seat. They have called it “premature” and suggested waiting until after the Nov. 3 election. That, alone, makes this entire request a purely political move. 

“It is premature for Chairman Graham to commit to a hearing schedule when we do not know the full extent of potential exposure stemming from the president’s infection and before the White House puts in place a contact tracing plan to prevent further spread of the disease,” the letter reads.

The letter states that health and safety must guide the schedule for all Senate activities, including hearings. They also write that there is a bipartisan agreement that a virtual confirmation hearing for a lifetime appointment to the federal bench is not an “acceptable substitute.” It’s interesting for Democrats to claim this is not an “acceptable” substitute being that they want kids to attend school online, people to vote with mail-in ballots, Biden campaigning online, and everything else under the sun disconnected. But no, not this. 

The letter also cited the Affordable Care Act being shut down with more than 7 million COVID survivors being denied health coverage, which is just another Democratic ploy. It doesn’t even reference what alternatives they are attempting to replace the Affordable Care Act with. 

Schumer and Feinstein insist that Chairman Graham put the health of senators, the nominee, and staff first to ensure a “fair” hearing that is not “rushed.” The last statement makes it clear that if Chairman Graham moves forward with the hearing that it is a dangerous move. They argued that this is already an “illegitimate” process as is. 

“They’ve been careful already. Members, some of them, have done their interview in previous hearings remotely. This sort of underscores, I think, the need to do that. And I think every precaution needs to be taken because we don’t anticipate any Democratic support at all, either in committee or in the full Senate, and therefore everybody needs to be in an all-hands-on-deck mindset,” Senate Majority Mitch McConnell argued on the Hugh Hewitt Show. 

This is just another way for the left to try and hold off the Supreme Court Nomination from staying in the hands of Republicans. Until then, it’ll be a media storm.