S.E. Cupp Triggered by Censure of Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, was censured by the House of Representatives on a party line vote for lying about Trump-Russia collusion. S.E. Cupp was angered when the Republicans launched their campaign, calling it a waste of tax dollars.

Cupp then went on to minimize the importance of the act, insisting that they only did it because “they could.” Cupp went on to say that the GOP was “driven almost exclusively by the desire to punish their opponents, even years ago, even if it is only symbolic.”

It is difficult to believe that Schiff can continue to deny that Trump colluded in any way with Russia. Schiff abused his position of chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, repeatedly making false statements that Trump had colluded, even claiming that he saw conclusive proof that it happened. Despite the fact that the Mueller report, Horowitz’s report and Durham’s report have all stated that there is no evidence that Trump has colluded

Cupp then had the nerve to complain about a vote of censure being a waste of taxpayer money. According to the Department of Justice the Mueller investigation cost $32 million. However, Cupp did not bemoan this waste of taxpayer dollars, or Schiff’s lying. Instead she concluded that Trump was “unfit to run.” ”

Cupp did not have a problem with the censure that was given to Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz. for tweeting a violent video.

Cupp is no longer the conservative that she claimed to be. She’s now a shill of the Democrats who never misses an opportunity to criticize Republicans. Cupp has even criticized Republican attacks against Joe Biden for allowing a Chinese spy to fly over military installations in the United States.

She received a voter registration card so that she could change her party affiliation from “Republican” to “Democrat”.