Ryan Heath of The Gavel Project Teases a Pivotal Partnership With California Parents Union

We previously reported the story of a mother who saw her seven-year-old daughter draw a Black Lives Matter photo for multi-racial friends. It also contained the sentiment that “any lives matter.” The mother was not informed of the action by the school administrators. The mother was only able to learn about the incident a year later after another parent shared it with her.

The mother filed a lawsuit against Viejo Elementary School, where her daughter continues to attend despite the cruel treatment. The mother discovered The Gavel Project through research. Ryan Heath, founder, and CEO of The Gavel Project connected her with representation at the LexRex Institute. This helped her hold the school administration responsible.

The Gavel Project, a pro-bono organization, is funding the entire suit and all other California-based lawsuits involving student and parental rights infringement.

As we have highlighted, corruption and abuse are rampant in California at all levels, especially through the all-powerful labor organizations and their intimate relationship with the Governor of California, the state, and the local legislative bodies.

Parents in Los Angeles and San Diego are fighting the unified school districts not to mask their children again. Barbara Ferrer, the unelected Los Angeles Department of Public Health Director, has been working with unions to reinstate the mask mandate. Her conflict of interest is that her daughter wrote the data and guidelines Ferrer used in justifying reinstituting indoor masking.

Parents are overwhelmed and angry, but at the same time, they are at a crucial juncture where they can unify in a way never seen before for their children’s education and protection. Ryan Heath’s The Gavel Project will be an ally in this fight. This is not just about the mask fights. It also covers any government policy or action that is harmful to our safety, life, liberty, and security, as well as our right to protect our children, and those of other defenseless children.

The inspiration for Heath to launch The Gavel Project was Governor Gavin Newsom, who is Hair Gel.

The Gavel Project was started by me in response to Gavin Newsom’s announcement in October 2021 that vaccination would be a condition precedent for attending school in California.

After seeing that, I knew I couldn’t stand by and allow these backward policies to continue without any pushback. So I spoke with my wife, and we collaborated with another person [to make it happen].

The Gavel Project (501(c),(3) is a legal non-profit organization. It exists to combat unethical government mandates and protect the freedoms of Americans, particularly children. Heath explains the mission of The Gavel Project more in detail:

It was our intention to tackle all issues that have a societal impact, even if they are detrimental. We didn’t just focus on the COVID-19 masking problems, although that is our main work. There are a few lawsuits we have that we fund in California to address this issue. However, we also want to tackle CRT in schools. I believe that it is harmful to children’s development because it teaches them things about the world that are simply not true. They are taught to see themselves in a false light and that it reduces their ability to succeed in many areas. This is an issue we care passionately about.

Heath’s current focus has led to a partnership between Tracy Henderson, California Parents Union, and Heath. California’s incorporation of so-called gender affirmation into elementary and secondary school education is Heath’s new focus. Kindergarteners are forced to choose their own pronouns and experiment with LGBTQ+ identities. To provide puberty-blocking medications.

We are also passionate about gender affirmation care. We have a case selection panel that meets periodically to review applications. Our clients receive pro bono service. We operate completely on crowd-sourced funding.

Advocates who are able to explain our constitutional rights and laws, and help parents and families legally and properly demand that their rights be protected, are rare in this age of corrupt bureaucrats and unelected representatives.

This state has been blessed by Heath and The Gavel Project.

Heath isn’t a Californian so California’s progressive policies and politics don’t directly affect him or his family. He is an Arizona resident and does not have a dog in the fight. Heath could go about his day and respond to California’s crisis as most Republicans and conservatives would.

Heath and his wife, however, have chosen to be there for California. They use their organization to encourage and motivate Californians to take action and provide the resources and tools to make that happen. Heath stands with those who believe California will fulfill its promise.

Since January, I have been traveling out to this area for this purpose. You’re correct: it is worth saving. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and I can tell you without hesitation that the people who live here are of extraordinary value.

It is second to none. California is home to some of the most talented and intelligent people on the planet. For the next generation, it is evident when I travel around, speak with the youth, and meet with people. These are America’s future leaders. They are being raised in California because they grew up in an oppressive environment and are now realizing how important it is for them to defend liberty and establish freedom.

Heath and his wife also sacrificed for us.

Since the beginning of this project, my wife and I have been its primary funders. We also liquidated a vehicle to help us fund it. We have emptied our checking and savings accounts. However, we did this because we felt it was necessary. I believe there was not enough being done to counter what I perceive as a deliberate attack against the American dream.

The Gavel Project was established in October 2021, just months after the founding of the California Parent’s Union (CPU), in July 2021. Their website demonstrates that CPU shares similar goals:

California Parents United is creating the California Parent’s Union, which will be a special interests group that is larger than other special interest groups working against the best interests of our children. It is made up of grandparents, parents, and guardians of youth. We want to give parents a real seat at the table, and allow them to speak up in matters pertaining to parental rights.

Heath teased a partnership between CPU and Twitter that would offer resources to parents on how they can legally and actively resist COVID-19 mandates and the gender-affirming agenda being promoted in the state’s school districts.

Tracy Henderson from the California Parents Union is my co-worker. We will be creating educational materials for students and parents returning to school regarding peaceful non-compliance with the COVID-19 mandates. We are also creating materials for teachers and state employees. You have the constitutional right to refuse to conform to a forced opinion on opinions of deep value to the individual. They are well-established in constitutional case law.

We want to help people understand their rights and to prepare them for the future. Teachers and students may say “Look, I invite you to call the police if your opinion is not with me.” Let the police come. If they say that it is true, they will arrest me and take me out. If not, I will return to class.”

This legal strategy has proven successful in school district battles over COVID-19 mandates, as well as the forced masking of and mistreatment of students that resulted. Heath then discusses the plan of gender-affirming care in partnership.

Tracy and I are currently working to create a notice that parents should present to Planned Parenthood at these schools. This basically states that they do not have the right to interact directly with their children. If they fail to comply, the notice will allow them to file a lawsuit in order to protect their rights as well as those of their children.

These resources will be free to access on the CPU website. Additional resources, including those that are more in-depth, will be available behind a paywall for CPU members.

A cease-and-desist, or what’s known as an “ultimatum”, is a way for state employees, students, and parents to demand education and access to their jobs, without discrimination against COVID-19 mandates. On the California Parents Union website, we will provide more detailed instructions.

Heath responded to a question about people who might applaud The Gavel Project’s efforts but feel it is losing the battle.

I completely disagree. They should consider the USDA’s last term in court and reflect on the Supreme Court’s actions with respect to individual rights.

They are returning power to the people. They’re returning power to the states for them to decide.

The fact that the [SCOTUS] has a strong, let’s just call it a “conservative minority” right now means that they are primed to make a few constitutional decisions. The primary issue they will have to resolve in the next years is whether or not the government can make you pretend that you aren’t aware of the lies they’re telling you. This is also the issue with gender affirmation in schools.

We are waging a peaceful battle against oppressors of others for the greater good.

Bryce Eddy, a California podcaster from Liberty Station interviewed Tracy Henderson. For six minutes, Henderson talks about why she founded the California Parent’s Union. She also explains how she plans to return power to parents and teachers. It is well worth the listen.