Mike Pence Secret Service Agents Told Jan. 6 Committee They Feared for Their Lives, Said Goodbyes to Family

A Secret Service official said that Mike Pence, former Vice President, and his security team, feared for their safety during last year’s Capitol riots. This is according to the eighth Jan. 6, hearing.

The Jan. 6 Committee recorded a conversation with a White House security guard and his testimony regarding the riots.

Interviewers were informed by an unnamed official, that Pence’s security staff were making personal calls on their phones in fear of their safety during the Capitol Building riots. The official said that the calls were “disturbing” and that he did not want to share the information with his family.

A security official said that members of the Vice President’s detail began to fear for their lives.

The recordings clearly show that the voice recording of an anonymous security guard was altered in order to keep his identity hidden.

The Jan. 6 Select Committee heard the panel’s final hearing. It attempted to provide a 60-minute account of former President Trump’s actions in the Capitol Hill Riot. The panel claimed that Trump refused to act despite being warned by his advisers to do so.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger said that “Here’s what the truth is by the end.” “President Trump didn’t fail to perform his duty in the 187-minute time between leaving Ellipse and telling the mob to go home. ”

Most of the evidence presented to the committee was previously reported or presented on primetime television.

Trump’s aides testified at the hearing that they had asked Trump to condemn the riot more forcefully as it was happening.