Road-Rage Motorist Allegedly Points Gun at Driver Next to Him, Turns Out Victim is a Cop in Unmarked car

In the middle of an episode of road rage, a Utah motorist allegedly pointed a gun at another driver and cursed him. The problem was that the victim was a police officer operating an unmarked car.


The Granite School District police officer in Salt Lake County was driving northbound on 5600 West at 11:45 AM Monday when he signaled for him to change lanes and turn east on 4100 South.

According to court documents, Taylor Ray Bradley, a 29-year-old motorist, became upset and started tailgating the unmarked police vehicle.

Both vehicles were traveling east on 4100 South when Bradley changed lanes and pulled up beside the unmarked police car. The Daily said that Bradley “began shouting profanities” and cited the probable cause statement.

According to police, Bradley pointed at the officer “what appeared like a small silver pistol.”

Bradley was passing the truck when the victim, a school district sergeant, “turned on red and blue lights” to pull the perp over at 5470 West, KSL-TV reported.

According to the Daily, Bradley was then taken out of the car by the officer. Bradley was taken into custody and a gun was “inserted into the seat cushion of front passenger seat’,” KSL stated, citing the affidavit.

KSL reported that Bradley was also “highly upset” while driving and “dishonest about the location” of the gun.

According to the Salt Lake County newspaper, Bradley was booked in jail for an investigation into aggravated assault, which is a third-degree felony, and the threat/use of a dangerous weapon during a fight. This is a Class A misdemeanor.