Desperate Anti-Trumpers Go Apoplectic About His Announcing Another White House Run

After Trump announced his intentions to run again for president in 2024, it didn’t take long before the anti-Trump crowd sprung into action. During Tuesday’s speech at Mar a Lago, the Orange Man Who Is Bad, caused a massive triggering against people who still suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. This will probably be one of many such occurrences in the coming years.

We have already written about how activist media responded to the announcement of former President Donald Trump. It was quite an amazing sight to see.

But for Twitter addicts like myself, the overall reaction coming from lefties and NeverTrumpers in and outside the press was simply delicious. Let’s start with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who classified Trump’s speech as a “new grift.” He tweeted:

Trump’s new campaign. The same old lies.

His record is a lie. Lies about immigrants. Biden lies. Lies about our children. Lies about LGBTQ+ neighbors. Lies on top lie on top.

Grift. The same old grifter.

Next up, we have Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R. IL), everyone’s second favorite Never Trump Republican. He took the time to make a video complaining about Trump’s third run for the presidency.

“So Donald Trump is announcing his presidential candidacy today again, the earliest I believe anybody has ever done, because he can’t get people to not pay attention to him.” “He brings fear, division, and anger wherever he goes.” “He rose to power by intimidation and abuse.” “Let me tell you a bit more about the abuse.” “He’s lost all the elections he has been involved in or was associated with, and he even lost the popular vote in 2016.”

Kinzinger went all hysterical and claimed that Trump’s announcement meant “more abuse” and that seniors on a fixed income will be “blood-dry” due to his campaign texts and emails.

He kept on ranting about Trump being Lucifer incarnate, and he issued a call for his fellow Republicans. “And unfortunately, we will have to continue hearing from him again. More people will abuse and give. He bluffed, “But to my fellow Republican leaders: Listen if your goal is to look in the mirror with no shame, get up now and speak out.”

MeidasTouch is a progressive political committee that posted a screenshot showing Trump supporters complaining about Trump’s Mar-a-Lago speech. They wrote:

Trump supporters are not happy with tonight’s incoherent, rambling announcement. “I had to stop hearing.” “It’s definitely not what I expected.” “It doesn’t look like him.” Many thought Trump would announce his reinstatement as president and then arrest his enemies.

Rob Reiner, a filmmaker, also tweeted his usual alarmist claptrap.

Donald Trump is a total and utter fool. There’s no other way. He is also a Career Criminal. It’s time to indict him and place the final nail in his Corrupt Coffin.

Tristan Snell, an attorney who is always trusted to make deceptive or silly claims, supported the absurd notion that Trump could be blocked from the ballot by Democrats invoking the 14th Amendment.

Donald Trump’s insurrectionary against the United States, in violation of his oaths to uphold the Constitution. Per the 14th Amendment Section 3, he is permanently barred from any federal or state office.

This is just a small sample of the complete meltdown seen among anti-Trumpers. They knew it was coming. They were ready for it.

It’s now time to launch a new Orange Man Bad smear program designed to scare the public into voting for him. We can expect a torrent of attacks on the former president, given the Justice Department’s impending indictments and the ongoing attempt to use the Jan. 6, riot against him. Trump’s team should be prepared to respond.