RNC Launches Legal Battle Against Michigan, Alleging ‘Inaccurate’ and ‘Inflated’ Voter Rolls

According to a committee press release, the Republican National Committee has filed a lawsuit against Michigan Secretary-of-State Jocelyn Benson. The suit claims that Michigan’s voter lists are “inflated” or “inaccurate.”

The complaint stated that the National Voter Registration Act of 1994 requires all states “to maintain clean and accurate voter records.”

The lawsuit claimed that Michigan had failed to meet the NVRA requirements.

According to the RNC, 53 counties in Michigan have more registered voters than adults.

The complaint stated, “This number of voters is impossible to high.”

According to the lawsuit, 23 other counties also have voter registration rates that are equivalent to 90% or more of their voting-age population.

It reported, “This figure is far above the recent national and state voter registration rates.”

The RNC claimed, that in total, 76 out of 83 counties of the state have “inflated voter rolls that demonstrate a non-compliance with the NVRA.”

The committee accused Benson of “imperiling the integrity of the elections in 2024 and sending a message to Michigan voters that she does not care about accurate and clean voter lists”.

In December, the RNC wrote to Benson and informed her of the inflated voter lists in 91.5% of counties in the state.

“Election integrity begins with accurate voter rolls. That’s why the National Voter Registration Act mandates that state officials keep their rolls up-to-date and accurate. Jocelyn Benson failed to comply with the NVRA and Michigan now has inaccurate and inflated voter rolls before the 2024 elections. RNC filed this lawsuit because Michigan voters deserve to have clean voter lists and confidence in their election,” RNC chairman Michael Whatley stated Wednesday.

Benson, in response to the RNC allegations, told NBC News the state had “done more over the past five years to remove deceased and ineligible voters from our voter rolls and ensure accuracy” than it did in the preceding two decades.

Benson said that 700,000 voters had been removed from the state rolls since she became governor, and a further half-million would be removed should they not vote in the next election.

Benson told NBC News, “Let’s just call it what it is, a PR campaign disguised as a meritless suit filled with baseless allegations that are meant to undermine the people’s confidence in our elections.” “Anyone who uses the legal system to undermine our democracy is a disgrace.”