Biden’s St. Patrick’s Day Address Descends Into Chaos, Irish Leader Steps in to Guide Him Off Stage

Joe Biden and Leo Varadkar, the Irish leader, met at the White House a few days ago. It’s alarming that Biden needed to take such detailed notes, even for perfunctory comments. Biden’s cheat sheet included a picture, the phonetic pronunciation of Varadkar’s name, and even his title.

Varadkar was at the White House for St. Patrick’s Day, and Biden made a mess of it. Biden was slurring so badly that it was difficult to understand what was being said.

I can speak Biden’s language, but this is quite a challenge. I don’t know what he was trying to say, though he may have been talking about the restoration in Northern Ireland of the Assembly.

Biden’s “Please Clap” moment came when he said that the U.S.A. and Ireland were both supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

He’s craving recognition, even though he’s made a mess of everything. There’s not much to applaud at this point.

He was trying to tell the story of his maternal great-grandfather Edward, who built a cathedral in Ireland. The words came out as gibberish.

“It was made able to touch, I was, it was made, and I was able to touch some of my own hands very bricks he made!” Biden said in a jumble.

Then came the moment when Biden had to decide how to leave the stage. That’s always been a difficult task for him. He put down the items he held in his hands and looked at his feet. Then he seemed to be unsure of what he should do. Varadkar helped him get off the stage after he pointed to it.

What does Varadkar or any other leader think about all of this when they meet Biden? Biden looks old and sluggish when he stands next to Varadkar. The difference between the two is alarming.

The embarrassing character in the White House has exposed us to the world. Because of this, many bad people are acting out, thinking we are weak and they think they can get away with it now. Imagine what he would become in four years if he were to stay in office. He’s already a bad man. If they cared about their country, how could anyone vote for him?