Riley Gaines Speaks Out: Dems Accused of Gaslighting During ‘Save Women’s Sports’ Hearing

Democrats are not pro-women, despite what they claim. The House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday focused on the Protection of Women in the Olympic Amateur Sports Act.

Rep. Gregory Steube (R-FL) stated in an official announcement made in February when the first legislation was introduced: “Due to the illogical USA Boxing Policy on Transgenders I introduced legislation which would prevent organizations that choose to live in illusion from receiving recognition by the U.S. Olympic Committee. ”

Steube stated, “We must fight against the erasure of women’s sports by standing up to truth, safety, and fairness. ”

The Democrats failed to provide “truth, fairness, and reality” during the hearing. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) declared that “men do not compete in women’s sports”.

Nadler denies the existence of Antifa.

Then there was Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), whose adult child is allegedly “gender-nonconforming,” denying that any transgender woman had ever hurt a female athlete:’

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) claimed instances where trans women athletes had harmed female athletes were “not a thing”:

As one might expect, Save Women’s Sports spokeswoman Riley Gaines, who is among several female athletes suing the NCAA over their harmful policies about transgender individuals, had a few things to say regarding this gaslighting.

Payton McNabb also spoke out against the claims made at the hearing by Democrats.

Come on Jerry, it’s not true. “Your delusion is evident to everyone. Your statement is an insult to every female athlete who has been affected by this ridiculous issue. ”

“Just getting back from my second doctor appointment this week, a year and a half later, I’m going to have to disagree [with Jayapal]. My life is forever changed because of an injury by a boy. So yeah… men have harmed women in our sports. But as long as your feelings don’t get hurt, right?”

We wrote here about McNabb’s traumatizing experience as a high school athlete. She gave testimony on this subject in anticipation of a hearing scheduled for North Carolina in 2023.

Gaines has had to share lockers or dressing rooms with trans women. Gaines said that some of them had not transitioned yet, including Lia Thomas.

We turned around in the locker room and saw a man 6’4″ dropping his pants as he watched us undress. Gaines said, “We were exposed to male genitalia.”

Independent Women’s Voice reported that women across the country were forced to share bathrooms with men against their will.

This is never acceptable. Republicans or Democrats, any legislator who does not agree should be removed from office as soon as possible. Legislators’ decisions today will determine the future of girls’ and women’s sports.