Carville Sparks Outrage: Calls for ‘Wet Work’ Against Donald Trump

People on the left are in a panic because former President Donald Trump is doing so well and beating Joe Biden at the polls. We reported that Biden/Democrats have lost a lot of black and Hispanic votes, with some going to Trump. This is making Biden go crazy behind the scenes.

Other Democrats are also becoming nervous, and they wonder what else they can do to stop Trump. Lawfare doesn’t seem to be working. What’s left then?

James Carville’s euphemistic remarks on CNN were very disturbing. He said Joe Biden was not the best “attack politician”, and that people like Carville, who are known for doing murder or assassination against Trump, should do “wetwork” instead. Anderson Cooper’s response made the situation worse.

Cooper appears to laugh and smile when he states, “It sounds like “a mob hit.

Carville replied, “Well, sort of, but paid TV, and other stuff like that. Yes, it’s a CIA phrase. Take him out.”

He said, “But the wetwork is not his responsibility.” It’s up to me and the other groups of the party. He isn’t very good. I don’t believe people want to listen to that. Then he could, you know cruise here at a higher altitude. This has to be done and they must take advantage of this opportunity now.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘wet work’ as ‘work that involves murder or assassination.

It’s a terrible thing, especially when you consider all the leftists who are out there. Many of them have already been convinced that Trump is Hitler and that voting him out would “save democracy” as if it were a sacred mission. It can make nuts go crazy when they spread such nonsense. What is Carville saying when he uses this phrase? He seems to be able to use the term in this way. He should be visited by the Secret Service.

Cooper’s response is disgraceful. Cooper is one of those who criticized Trump’s use of “bloodbath”, even though the term was not used violently. Cooper did not respond to Carville’s comments. He simply smiled. He accepted it without a care in the world. This shows his complete hypocrisy on the issue. Carville has not been condemned or called out by any other media that was outraged over the term “bloodbath”. It’s not about the terms. This is about saying anything to further the Democratic agenda. They seem to be only interested in that.