RFK Jr. Praises Trump as ‘Greatest Debater,’ Casts Doubt on CNN’s Toughness

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the independent presidential candidate, told Piers Morgan he believed former President Donald Trump was the “greatest debator in modern American History”. He also cast doubt on whether CNN hosts Jake Tapper or Dana Bash would ask any candidate hard questions due to their support of both administration’s COVID policies. Kennedy called Tapper and Bash “cheerleaders” of COVID lockdowns.

CNN’s announcers cheered on the presidents when they made some of their most important decisions, such as the lockdown of American citizens.

He went on to mention the trillions of dollars spent during the pandemic era.

Our churches forced us to wear masks because they shifted $4.3 trillion of wealth from the middle class and into the hands of a new oligarchy. They also destroyed 3.3 million small businesses without due process.

Jake Tapper cheered for it. Do you think that he will ask them some of the hard questions?

Morgan interrupted and said he believes Tapper and Bash are going to ask Trump and Biden hard questions.

What do you know? You know what? Jake is a fantastic journalist. I worked with him at CNN and I believe Dana Bash to be a great journalist. Yes, I believe that they can. I believe they will do a good job.

It is still a loose term to describe journalists because a real journalist wouldn’t compare Trump to Hitler or fantasize about the former president for the majority of the show. They would also not maintain the same level when reporting on Biden.

Morgan asked Kennedy if he thought Trump would win the debate. Kennedy replied: “I’m not one to make predictions but I think Trump will win.”

He could be the best debater of modern American history since Lincoln-Douglas.

This is based on watching him demolish 16 Republicans [in 2016] one by one. It’s a lot of fun to watch him. He can make up facts, and then sell them as fact.

He is a great entertainer who doesn’t let anything bother him. I don’t believe President Biden could beat him in the debate.

Trump can be unpredictable and is quick to throw punches on stage, as we have seen during the 2016 GOP primaries, the 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton, and the 2020 debate with Biden.

Morgan asked Kennedy if the DNC was prepared to replace Biden if the debate ended in a “trainwreck”. He said:

I believe that is possible. It would be best to do this at the convention. The super-delegates are basically in line. They would be the ones to choose the next candidate. They would most likely — and some of them will welcome the chance.

It will be interesting if the moderators ask fair and balanced questions and if they are softball questions or hard questions. It will hopefully be a debate between two candidates focusing on policy so that undecided voters can get an idea about who they want to lead their country in the next four years.