Newsom’s Family Moves to Exclusive Marin County for $60K/Year High School for Eldest Child

Gavin Newsom, his wife, and their children are moving to Marin County in San Francisco’s posh suburb. This is so that Montana, the oldest daughter of Gavin Newsom, can attend The Branson School. The $60,000/year, private high school where Jennifer Siebel Newsom was a graduate, will be attending.

People close to the couple have told Politico they don’t want the Newsom family to be forced to remove their children from school, especially when Gavin’s term ends in 2026. Izzy Gardon confirmed to Politico that the news was true.

To ensure continuity of their children’s education the family will divide their time between Sacramento, and Marin for the coming school year.

Gardon said that the Newsoms won’t be selling their estate in the Sacramento area, nor are they looking to buy or rent a house in Marin. Jennifer Newsom will be staying with her children and “extended family”. Both Newsoms grew up in Marin. The Newsoms owned a house in Marin County from 2011 to 2021 but lived there only until 2019. The Newsoms bought the home for $2.25m but refinanced it multiple times. Their last “sweetheart deal” was a $3.25m in late 2017 as Gavin Newsom’s gubernatorial campaign (in an overcrowded Democratic primary field), heated up.

The property was transferred to Gavin Newsom and Jennifer Newsom free of charge nine months after the LLC was dissolved. The Newsoms were able to avoid a $4,000 transfer tax by claiming they were members. However, the LLC was not included on the required financial disclosure forms for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The Newsoms may have needed to take this route as they had a $3.2 million mortgage left on their Marin home, which they did not sell until May 20, 2021, in an off-market deal with Winston Chan. He is a former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

This news is a bit anti-climactic in the Newsom world. Siebel is not a fan of Sacramento. Rumors in the swamp say that Siebel and her children spent the majority of the pandemic on the ranch of her parents, located in Montana. For years, it’s been rumored that Newsom is having an affair. He still travels with the high-level employee who he allegedly had this affair with. Newsom, we learned on Tuesday, will be in Atlanta for the first debate between Joe Biden, and Donald Trump on Thursday. He will spend a lot of time campaigning for Biden, who is afflicted with dementia. This is a simple case of “Well, honey you’re going to be traveling a great deal anyway so I’d love to take the children back home to be with family and for high school” or is there trouble at First Partner Paradise?