Report on Possible Trump Charges Leaves the Resistance Reeling

According to previous reports, the DOJ filed a file on Tuesday evening in an effort to deny the appointment of a special master for documents taken during the notorious Trump raid. The filing contained a photograph purporting that it showed “top secret” documents that were found on the floor in a Mar-a-Lago storage area. It caused a stir among left-leaning sympathizers.

The documents were actually found in boxes according to the DOJ’s documentation.

However, the DOJ knew exactly what it was doing when it published that photo. They wanted to incite more outrage from the left. The social media platforms were overflowing with hoots about the imminent charges. They screeched, “criminal evidence” while getting likes and shares.

The New York Times reported the story, but apparently, not many people read the details. It’s quite inconvenient that this line is not being discussed.

Here are some reactions to the news.

Although I won’t say “I told You so” yet, it seems like things are moving closer. My past coverage of the raid shows that I believe the DOJ does not want to have Trump charged. This would require them to defend the raid in court and acknowledge that they are violating Hillary Clinton’s precedent.

Trump will emerge from this situation looking much better than he’s ever been in a while. Although the resistance is still holding on to their hopes for an FBI frog march they feel like they have overplayed their hand. Trump will not be charged under the Espionage Act. In my opinion, he’s not going to be charged anything.

The DOJ would be much better off not filing any charges to make this all ambiguous. They can continue to leak what they want to generate negative headlines. That’s what I believe this was all about. To get Trump’s attention, the government demanded the documents back. Instead of letting the proceedings continue in court, the DOJ approved the raid, knowing that it would be used for resistance.

Although Trump may be charged by the DOJ for some fantastical theory regarding January 6, I doubt it. These documents will only lead to more disappointments for the far-left. I will correct myself if I am wrong. But it feels more like a political ploy than a way to establish a criminal investigation.