Illinois Professor Says Going Maskless Indoors A Manifestation Of Racism

Northern Illinois University (NIU), a professor, explained to his students that all students must wear masks in class. He argued that indoors wearing masks is a sign of ableism as well as racism.

After a student reported the matter to the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), Campus Bias Tip Line, the professor’s instructions on masks were made public. YAF was able to obtain a copy Adelman’s syllabus. It states that masks are mandatory at all times in PHYS 253. According to the syllabus, students who do not follow the instructions will be kicked out of the class.

Northern Illinois University is a public university located in DeKalb County in Illinois. It relaxed its mask requirements in February. However, the website states that faculty members may require that masks be worn in teaching spaces. Adelman, who has been with the college since 2014, is currently the director of graduate education for the physics department.

Adelman informed Fox News Digital via email that his rules regarding masks were in line with school guidance. He also stated that he is working to “keep everybody a little safer as we learn physics.”

The university allows professors the ability to establish a mask policy in their laboratories and classrooms. Although I cannot or would not tell students what they should do in my class, I will try to make sure everyone is safe while they learn physics. Adelman stated that it is of particular importance to me to protect students of color and people with special needs and health requirements, who have been shown to be disproportionately affected by the virus.

Fox News Digital asked Northern Illinois University’s Press Team for comment, but they did not respond immediately. YAF was told by a representative of the school that Adelman’s opinions on maskless people “reflect his personal opinion.”

YAF’s syllabus also includes photos of historical scientists photographed with masks or face covers. Captions include “I don’t want to see you nose this semester unless it’s outdoors” and “Neck gaiters”

A student from the school informed YAF that Adelman is their only professor teaching the PHYS 253 NIU course.

Kara Zupkus, a spokeswoman for YAF, said that the tip line was a tool to help students who are being bullied by professors.

In recent days, other professors have labeled maskless indoor public settings racist and ableist, including a SUNY New Paltz Professor in New York.