Psaki Grilled On Biden Recommendation Letter

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, stressed Wednesday that President Biden was a private citizen when he wrote a recommendation for Hunter Biden’s son. However, he refused to confirm if the letter is still available.

Psaki was questioned by Fox News Digital about emails that were obtained only by Fox News Digital. He revealed that the president wrote a college recommendation for Hunter’s son.

When Peter Doocy, White House correspondent, asked Psaki if it was common for President Biden do favors to Hunter Biden’s international business associates. Psaki replied that he had seen the report. I don’t have any comment or confirmation on whether the president wrote a college recommendation for someone when he was private citizen.

Psaki repeatedly refused confirmation or denial of the Fox News report. Doocy continued to press, noting that a college letter of recommendation from a former vice president would be “big deal” and asking “what the president would get in return for doing such a favor.”

Psaki claimed that he had no proof of any recommendation letters the president wrote when he was a private citizen. “He wasn’t the president at the time this report was written.”

These emails reveal a series exchanges between Hunter’s business associates and Hunter himself as part of Rosemont Seneca’s joint venture with Chinese investment firm Bohai Capital, and BHR.

After Hunter Li had sent him his resume and a list of colleges, Eric Schwerin (presidence of Rosemont Seneca) sent an email to Jonathan Li, CEO of BHR, in February 2017.

Schwerin wrote that Jonathan Hunter asked me to send him a copy the recommendation letter he requested his father to write for Christopher for Brown University.

According to the president, Hunter’s business ventures have never been discussed with him. Psaki was asked Tuesday if Biden’s claim that he had not discussed his overseas business deals with his son still stands. She replied, “Yes.”