NYC Worker Fired Hours After She Questioned Mayor Adams About Toddler Mask Mandates

Hours after she claimed that she was posing as a reporter to question the mayor about his decision to not “unmask our children”, a New York City employee was fired from her job in the law department. Officials confirmed this to Fox News Digital on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the agency confirmed that Daniela Jampel was fired from her position with New York City Law Department. According to records, she was an assistant corporation counsel and had been with the department for many years.

Jampel was present at a press conference held in Lower Manhattan’s City Hall Building. Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city would be placing billboards throughout Florida to protest the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. This law prohibits schools from discussing gender identity or sexuality in school classrooms. Jampel spoke out just 21 minutes into Adams’s event. Adams was answering questions from reporters when Jampel, a woman identified as Jampel by the New York Post, spoke up.

“Three Weeks ago, you told parents that you would unmask their toddlers. She said that ten days ago you were standing right here and said that the masks would be removed on April 4. That has not happened.” “You broke your promise. Your lawyers raced to court Friday night to reverse …”.

As someone interrupted her, her voice became more muffled. Adams replied, “Let her finish. ‘Cuz you let her begin.”

The mayor instructed her to turn on her phone so she could get the correct answer.

Jampel continued: “My questions were, what is the irreparable damage to children aged 2 to 4 taking off masks, just like they do on Long Island or in Westchester?” What time will you remove the mask from our toddler?

Adams, who was described by the Post as being annoying and caught off guard, admitted that he had predicted that he would announce the removal of the toddler mask mandate Monday.

A spokesperson for the Law Department stated that the decision was taken prior to Monday’s event and was the result of “troubling claims” she made about her work at the agency.

However, the spokesperson stated that Jampel’s actions at Monday’s press conference “which included her decision to lie about City Hall staff and claim she was a journalist at press conferences” showed a disturbing lack in judgment and integrity.