Proof From The Left That Joe Biden Is A Trojan Horse

For the most part, liberal politicians have been keeping quiet on their confidence regarding Democratic candidate Joe Biden. This is simply because they don’t have any confidence in him. There have also been discussions on social media that Biden would step down during his first term rather than serve it in full.

From the series of gaffes on national television to barely being able to read a teleprompter, many reports say Biden would only serve one term if elected. Reports have even gone so far as to call Biden a “transition figure” for the far-left progressive fantasies such as the Green New Deal and single-payer healthcare.

“This makes Biden a good transition figure. I’d love to have an election this year for the next generation of leaders, but if I have to wait four years [in order to] to get rid of Trump, I’m willing to do it,” a Biden adviser said. 

This isn’t the first time Biden has been recognized as a placeholder for the Democratic Party. In a recent interview with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she added more fuel to the fire by suggesting the radical left can “likely push” Biden in a more progressive direction on issues such as foreign policy and immigration. The term “push Biden” was pointed out by the Trump Campaign that he is clearly just a Trojan horse for the progressive-socialist takeover by the radical left.

Since accepting the Democratic nomination and naming Kamala Harris his VP pick, Biden has also referred to a “Harris-Biden administration” during talking points on the campaign trail. Sen. Harris has even referred to just a “Harris administration.” The truth always spills out and it looks like that’s what happened here. 

Between trying to keep Biden in the basement and cutting back on the rambling during public appearances, the radical left has had trouble keeping the voters confident in his qualifications of running the country. 

For someone who has taken more than three decades to win the White House, he’s already talking about leaving. The 77-year-old already said he wouldn’t seek reelection if his mental or physical health declined, but rather referred himself to being a bridge for the younger generation of leadership.

Sen. Kamala Harris has already become a near carbon copy of the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and there’s no doubt in my mind that she believes Biden won’t finish his first term. Harris has seen his struggle getting through basic teleprompter speeches that she probably feels she’s already won the lottery at this point. 

President Trump is gaining in key demographics and the polls are tightening as we get closer to the debates. More and more, people are showing that their support for Biden isn’t as strong as their support for kicking President Trump out of office. The “Harris administration” better watch out before the truth slips out again. People are noticing.