Politico Suggests Election Fraud Could Cost Democrats the Election

The takes keep getting dumber as the calm before the storm continues. Republicans are now predicting doom based on what can only be described as a late vibe shift (i.e. Although not supported by actual data), and Democrats aren’t exactly showing confidence.

Enter Politico. They thought it would be a great idea for them to publish an article on election fraud just before voters go to the polls. Guess which party they think will try to “steal” the election and then laugh so hard that you break your ribs.

There are many digital threats to the midterms, including stolen Twitter accounts and hacked election websites. These could cause chaos, confusion, and unrest that can last well after the polls close.

There were many allegations about voting machine hacking during the 2020 presidential election. These claims were later disproven. There are real dangers that hackers could hack into election infrastructure and voting equipment to attempt to undermine Tuesday’s vote.

CISA Director Jen Easterly, who leads federal election security efforts, said that the current threat environment for election security is complex. She highlighted the many ways in which multiple threats, including cyberattacks, disinformation, and harassment of election officials, overlap.

Politico then identifies six “threats” that should be monitored. All of them are thought to have a negative impact on Democrat voter turnout. These include “disinformation”, cyberattacks on voter register databases, and hacking of voting machines. This stuff is hard to believe. These same people, who in 2020 declared the “most secure election ever” in response to questions regarding election integrity, now suggest that things are on the edge of collapse at the moment Democrats lose.

Most people are now aware of the game. Republicans are silenced and shouted down when they spot something suspicious. Democrats who rant about Russian bots or voter suppression get CNN hits and pats on their heads. Politico is just a way to get the ball rolling for the next round when there will be an avalanche of false claims that the Republicans won because they were “stolen”. Although they may not use the word due to the stigma attached to it, the effect will still be there.

But I will go one step further and claim that Democrats are attempting to undermine elections in a worse way. Republicans attempt to reach a data-driven conclusion through audits when they allege voter corruption. This allows people to say, “Okay, it happened or not.” In contrast, Democrats leave everything so opaque that they can claim that the election was stolen without ever trying to prove their case. This is where the “voter suppression” lies come in. It’s alleged that black voters are more likely to vote than whites, even though it breaks all records. Democrats purposely make an unfalsifiable claim.

This is not how it’s going to work. People who spit on people about even the simplest concerns about 2020 won’t be able to push “voter suppression”, and “election interference,” canards for 2022. These new rules have been put into effect. Any Democrat who questions the outcome of the election is going to be called an “election denier”.