Joe Biden Fact-Checked by Twitter AGAIN

It’s a new era of Twitter! A tweet from Joe Biden’s official Presidential Twitter account has been verified!
Biden tweeted Sunday a flattering metric to measure gas prices. This is a key issue in the 2022 midterm elections. A context fact check was also performed on Biden.

Biden tweeted Sunday: “Right now, the most common price for gasoline stations across America is $3.19 per gallon. ” “That’s progress. ”

This is misleading because the average gallon price is $3.80/gallon. That’s 61 cents less than Biden stated. Context has been used to distinguish between the most common price and the average.

Biden is the “most common” gas price, as opposed to the average $3.800 gas price (11/6/22).

Last week, the White House tweeted that it had praised President Biden’s leadership for increasing Social Security payments. Protect the Public Trust (PPT), a watchdog group, flagged this as misleading because the rise in Social Security payments was caused by 40-year-high inflation.

Biden’s tweet on October 28 about his Inflation Reduction Act which taxes 55 large corporations who have collectively earned $40 billion was fact checked. Only 14 of these corporations were allowed to be taxed under the law.

Biden said that Twitter spread “lies across the world” under Elon Musk’s leadership.

He stated at a fundraiser that “Now what are all of our worried about: Elon Musk purchases an outfit that spews lies around the globe.” How can we expect our children to understand the stakes?

It turns out Joe Biden can’t spread lies around the world on Twitter anymore.