Police Chief Bashes Dem Bail Reform Policies

The Democrats really enjoy taking tragic stories and twisting them to their own political agendas. The most recent case was with the tragic mass shooting in Rochester, NY at a party where 14 people were shot and two teenagers were killed. More than 40 rounds were fired and all shooting victims were between the ages of 17-23. This came after the city was already on edge following the death of 41-year-old Daniel Prude in police custody.

The Rochester Police Department Captain, Frank Umbrino, gave a press conference and criticized the Democrats and their policies that have made New York less safe, specifically regarding bail reform. He argues that stricter gun policies create more chaos in the neighborhood than less.  

“So if anybody is surprised that there’s been an uptick in violence, since we don’t enforce the current gun laws that we have, I don’t know what to tell ya. But those are the facts. These politicians that wanna say we need more gun laws, we need this, we need that, do me a favor: just stop talking, because you really don’t know what you’re talking about,” Umbrino said. 

Umbrino talked about the several gun laws we have but don’t enforce. He provided an example of individuals who are locked up for illegal handguns. They are usually released the very next day from custody, without so much as a strike on their record. 

The bail reform policies that Democrats have recently embraced have had a significant impact on the amount of crime throughout New York state. Captain Umbrino, a 30-year veteran in law enforcement, said that the numbers are terrible. The uptick in crime and bail reform policies have had a direct correlation to one another. The numbers don’t lie.

Umbrino also talked about the local residents of Rochester who are getting frustrated with the anti-police brutality protests. They just want people to get out of their city and let the problems take care of themselves. Innocent people are being killed and the victim age is getting younger each day. 

“Come and ask anybody that lives in these neighborhoods. I’ve had conversations over the last three weeks with dozens of people who live in these neighborhoods. They don’t believe any of the stuff you’re saying. There needs to be accountability,” Umbrino said. 

People are tired of the radical left pretending to know how to solve problems when they aren’t the ones suffering. If the left started listening more instead of complaining, maybe they’d have some solutions to the problems they created in the first place.