Police Body-cam Footage Leaked

Protests erupted in Washington, D.C., after police shot and killed an 18-year-old black teenager. 

DC police officers were working a tip of a vehicle in a live-streamed video on social media showing guns. The officers approached the 200 block of Orange Street in Southeast to investigate. Officer Alexander Alvarez sees one man running past Kay and pursues him. While chasing, he turns around to see 18-year-old Deon Kay with a gun in his hand. Alvarez fires his weapon once, shooting and killing Kay. The other man Alvarez was pursuing escaped. 

Protests occurred outside of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s home and the 7th District police station urging for justice. The Black Lives Matter protesters pounced on reports and accused the police on social media of shooting another innocent unarmed black man. 

The police released body camera footage that showed Kay holding a gun during the altercation. Alvarez is heard yelling “don’t move” multiple times while running towards him. Kay is seen between him and the other officers, holding a gun in his right hand. He appears to toss the weapon over Alvarez’s head while still moving. That’s when Alvarez fired a single shot, striking Kay in the chest. He was transported to a local hospital but later pronounced dead.

The other man who had been in the car with Kay escaped. The video footage also contradicted many claims, such as Kay being shot in the back and being unarmed. Police retrieved two guns from the scene that day. 

“Uniformed police officers had information that there were guys in the neighborhood with guns, specifically. That’s what they were looking for and evidently that’s what they found,” said Police Chief Peter Newsham in a news conference. 

Twitter users have argued over the video footage, claiming that the police had no other options. Kay had the means, opportunity, and intent to cause death or bodily harm to the officers. Kay was running at the officer with a gun but the left refuses to acknowledge that. They’d rather blame the Officers who are trying to keep our neighborhoods safe than label the teenager as a criminal. 

Liberals are profiting off the myth that the police are hunting down black Americans. They will push a story in their light no matter what the facts are. Here is an armed teenager running towards an officer and people are still finding ways to victimize him. If some of these liberals stopped running their mouths and worked a few days on the street, I’d bet they’d change their minds about a few things. 

How about this? Don’t point a gun at PD.