Biden Calls For Fact-Checking At Presidential Debates

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden recently suggested there should be a live fact-check feature during the upcoming debates with President Trump. He suggested this when asked by a reporter how he had begun preparing for the debates. 

“What I would love to have is a crawler at the bottom of the screen, a fact-checker, you know, when we speak.  If we really wanted to do something I think that would make a great, great debate. If everything both of us said was instantly fact-checked by an agreed-to group of people out there, that we move forward, but that probably wouldn’t get very far in the debate,” Biden said during a news conference in Delaware. 

He has acknowledged that the idea is not feasible but is a clear way to “bring this country back.” 

This looks like a liberal trap. With the way the media portrays President Trump, a group of “fact-checkers” would just act as the propaganda arm of the DNC and check Trump’s statements at a much higher level. The whole idea of this strategy is preposterous, but the Dems are doing everything they can to keep Biden away from a podium with Trump. If it’s not the setting conditions, it’s fact-checking. If it’s not fact-checking, they’ll find something else. Why? The traditional form of debate would ruin Biden’s campaign in the blink of an eye and the left knows that. 

Biden went on to say that he’s looking forward to the debates, but has yet to excite his supporters. The pile of praise for Biden is seemingly low, while the agenda to get rid of Trump is seemingly high. Because of the mainstream media platforms, people just want President Trump out of office even if the person taking their place is much worse. 

It’ll be a shock if Biden can survive the debates without some incoherent mumbling, but that’s what they want fact-checkers for right? Draw the attention from an off-script Biden and just attack everything Trump is saying for two hours. 

Biden has previously said during a television interview that he would attempt to fact-check the President during the debates, but if he can barely follow a teleprompter I doubt we’ll see that day come. 

Biden’s failure to debate would be the cherry on top for Trump’s re-election. I’d love to see the mainstream media contorting themselves to play cover for him. 

I think if Biden wants fact-checkers, then President Trump should demand translators on stage so we can figure out what Biden is mumbling about this time. They’d probably just give up too.