Pelosi Says Attack Against Husband Will Impact Her Decision About Her Political Future

CNN’s Anderson Cooper talked to Nancy Pelosi about how Paul’s assault on her husband will impact her future political career.

Pelosi is a U.S. House of Representatives member for over 30 years. Pelosi is running for a second term of two years.

Cooper asked Pelosi if she had decided whether or not to retire if the Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives during the midterms.

Pelosi said that the events of the “last week” would have an impact on her decision.

Cooper inquired if Cooper would be affected by the assault.

Pelosi responded, “Yes,”

“It will? ” Cooper followed up.

Pelosi said, “Yes. ”

Paul Pelosi was attacked last month at his San Francisco home — Speaker Pelosi wasn’t there at the time.

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Her husband needed surgery after the attack. Drew Hammill, the spokesperson of Speaker Pelosi, stated that Paul Pelosi was taken to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. He had successful surgery on a skull fracture and other serious injuries.

Speaker Pelosi claimed the “planet was on the ballot during midterm elections. “Oh, really?” She replied.

Tuesday will be Election Day. Many Americans have voted in advance of Tuesday’s election. Democrats want to keep control of both the House and Senate.

Elon Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur, encouraged independent voters Monday to vote for GOP congressional candidates. Consider the fact that the Presidency is Democratic, and I would recommend that you vote for a Republican Congress. “