Parents Say Their Baby Ingested and Overdosed on Fentanyl Left on the Ground of Family Park in San Francisco

The parents of a 10-month-old baby said the child ingested fentanyl left on the ground of a public park in San Francisco, and he was narrowly saved from overdosing.

Kerina and Ivan Matkovic claimed that their son Senna was at Moscone Park on Tuesday afternoon when their nanny noticed something was wrong.

KNTV-TV was contacted by the family to discuss the incident.

Wendy Marroqui, Wendy’s nanny, stated that the child was losing consciousness and she shook him to get him to wake back up.

“I looked at his face, and he seemed dizzy,” Marroqui said. Marroqui said that he thought he wasn’t breathing and that the baby’s lips were turning blue.

She stated that she performed CPR on the child and then called 911. The child was treated by EMTs and firefighters. The father ran to work and watched as the child was treated by paramedics.

“You know those first responders just saved my son’s life. We’re just so lucky that we got the guy we got,” he said emotionally.

According to the family, the child was taken to an emergency room and told that he had ingested Fentanyl. They said that the baby appeared to be acting normal and was healthy.

In a statement, the fire department stated that they were still investigating the cause of the emergency.

Ivan Matkovic stated that he wanted to warn other parents who bring their children to San Francisco’s public parks.

He said, “We emerged from it with a positive story and can share our experience with others to alert them that there is a risk.”

Here’s a local report on the incident