Is America’s Lunatic Grandma Hillary Off Her Meds Again?

It seems that the United States of America has upset whatever luck or karma gods may be pulling the strings. What other explanation can one give for Hillary Clinton’s refusal to leave?

There was a fair expectation that Hillary would go quietly in defeat after the 2016 election and instead spend her time in Chappaqua tasting various box wines. After doing that for a while she got up and left the house to take responsibility for her loss. We’re all unlucky so hacks in mainstream media will always give Mrs. Bill a camera to grouse.

Every six years Hillary has reminded the American people of her mental illness every time she resurfaces. Granny Maojackets was a raving lunatic who insisted that the Republicans had plans to steal the 2024 elections.

Hillary Clinton seems to be constantly in a state of “hold my beer”, where she’s trying out her own limits. The follow-up to her unhinged theory regarding the 2024 election is a complete disaster.

Here’s the story:

Iranian protests against oppressive and misogynistic laws led to more than 14,000 arrests. The government also decided to execute an unknown amount of protestors. The Taliban terrorist ruling force in Afghanistan murders, rapes, and abuses women every day. According to reports, Russian soldiers used Russian soldiers to weaponize rape in Ukraine. Hillary Clinton considers all of this to be equivalent to Arkansas’s pro-life legislation that restricts the abortion of unborn children.

Many of us did a double-take on that, but PBS’s Christiane Amanpour didn’t. According to LifeNews, Hillary Clinton, a failed presidential candidate, appeared on Amanpour and Company to talk about the Clinton Presidential Center’s women’s rights summit. Amanpour wasn’t disturbed that Hillary had equated saving unborn babies with raping and firing women.

When I say that the woman is not well, it’s really what I mean.

Although abortion ghouls may not be known for being balanced on their subject matter, this is a great example of their work.

There are no parallels between what is happening in Iran and Afghanistan and the United States. None. Because they hate the most about this country, the elites of the Democratic Party can see a connection. While they may enjoy some of their coastal enclaves and the people who live there, places like Arkansas are terrible places, even if your husband is a former governor. Since their departure for Washington nearly 30 years ago, Bill and Hillary haven’t been visiting Arkansas much.

Hillary’s insanity sells to low-info Democrats, as most of them are. They believe that limited access to killing babies is equal to being subjugated and controlled by the Taliban.

People start to wonder if Hillary might be interested in running for president in 2024, every time she starts yelling. That would have been absurd at another time. This nightmare could easily become a reality in today’s clown-car Democratic Party.

Granny, go home. Enjoy retirement by eating breakfast Franzia. You are not needed for anything here in real America.