OSHA Suspends Enforcement Of COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Large Businesses

OSHA recently complied with a court order and suspended enforcement by the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate on large private companies.

OSHA shared a statement to its website that stated how the court-ordered OSHA to ‘take no steps’ to implement or enforce the Temporary Standard until another court order. According to the agency, it is confident in its ability to protect workers during emergencies.

After the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit upheld a stay of the mandate, the suspension was announced. The Department of Justice responded to the court’s decision by declaring that it would defend OSHA’s rules. A Department of Labor official stated how OSHA was complying with the 5th Circuit’s stay and that they are not engaging in compliance assistance.

OSHA originally gave employers with over 100 employees a January 2022 deadline to comply with Biden’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate. OSHA also threatened defiant companies with thousands of dollars in penalties if they refuse.

Administration officials stated that OSHA would help employers develop their own testing and vaccine standards before the mandate was suspended. Fines for violating the mandate could be as high as $14K per violation and the possibility of multiple citations. The White House stated earlier this month that its deadline for federal contractors to submit vaccine mandates would be extended from Dec. 8th to Jan. 4.

Numerous congressional GOP members as well as governors, state officials, and other government officials have opposed the Biden administration’s vaccination efforts. A coalition of GOP attorneys general have sued the federal contractor mandate.