Cori Bush Raises Eyebrows With Claim Of Being Shot At By White Supremacists

Rep. Cori Bush recently caused a backlash after she claimed that White supremacists fired upon her and other protesters during the racial unrest at Ferguson, Missouri, years ago.

Bush made comments on the ongoing murder case against Kyle Rittenhouse, who is currently in prison for killing three men and two of them fatally during the 2020 Kenosha riots. As Kenosha businesses prepared for possible riots, jury deliberations began.

Bush tweeted earlier in the week that when they marched to Ferguson, white supremacists hid behind a hill close to where Michael Brown Jr. died and shot at them. She said they never faced any consequences. She wrote that if Rittenhouse is acquitted seven years later then it tells that they still have the ability to get away with it.

Bush referred to Rittenhouse in a White supremacist way, even though there isn’t any evidence linking Rittenhouse to White supremacist ideologies or groups. Her claim about Brown being killed is also false. The Justice Department found that Darren Wilson, a Ferguson police officer, had shot Brown in self-defense. Bush was quickly rebuffed by the backlash over his tweet.

Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall Jr. told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he did not know of any records of such an incident as Bush described, adding that he was not aware of any incidents the tweet was referring to. Skeptics refuted Bush’s claims and posted articles regarding the 2015 conviction for Jeffrey Williams. Witnesses stated at the time they believed that the shots were coming from the hilltop about 220 yards away from the station.

Bush’s campaign doubled down on her comments and said that while Bush was on the frontlines during the Ferguson Uprising, she and other activists had been attacked by white supremacists. She went on to say that the question they must ask is why white supremacists have the power to open-carry rifles and incite violence. She said this puts Black lives at risk all across this country.

Ohun Ashe, an activist from the area, also supported Bush’s tweet, adding that she recalls hiding under porches at Canfield while shots were fired at her. She said that no one came to their aid and that the Ferguson police were near. She said they were under porches, and using cars as shields between gunshots to get out.