Oklahoma Man Gets Life Sentence After Grooming Underage Child

After being convicted for grooming a teenager, an Oklahoma man will be spending the rest of his days behind bars.

Alexander Sweet, 28 years old, was sentenced on Wednesday to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of coercion, enticement, production of child pornography, receiving child pornography, and possessing child pornography.

In a press release, U.S. attorney Clinton Johnson stated that “Alexander Sweet targeted a vulnerable teen who was struggling to cope with the loss of two loved ones as well as a difficult childhood.”

“She showed incredible courage in facing him in the federal courtroom. This predator believed he was above the law, but he has been convicted. He is now behind bars and cannot victimize any more children.”

During the hearing, the Department of Justice explained that Sweet’s abuse over the years left psychological scars on the victim. She now struggles to trust others and even feels unsafe going outside.

Sweet, according to authorities, forced the teenager to send him sexually explicit pictures and even attempted to marry her when he realized he was under investigation.

In a press statement, the Justice Department stated that the victim had testified that Sweet believed incorrectly that she couldn’t testify against Sweet if they were married. The victim’s guardian called the courthouse to inform them that she had not given consent. Sweet took the minor girl to Arkansas without her guardian’s consent.

Agents also learned at that time that Sweet intended to leave the country along with the minor. Sweet was arrested while he was driving out of Tulsa in a car that had ‘Just Married” written on the rear window. In the car was the victim, whose hair had also been bleached. Agents found doll clothing, multiple electronic devices, more than $1,000 in cash, and passport applications from the United States for Sweet and her minor victim as well as a Polish citizenship request for Sweet. Authorities found multiple videos in which Sweet was seen engaging in sexual acts with his victim.

Sweet allegedly provided alcohol and drugs to the girl throughout the relationship. It is also believed that Sweet groomed others.

Edward Gray, FBI Special agent in charge of the Oklahoma City Field Office said that the crime was “disgraceful”. The FBI will not give up in its fight to stop people like Sweet from committing crimes with impunity.