NYC’s New Accommodations for Illegal Aliens Have American Homeless Crying Foul

After receiving several thousand illegal aliens to his city, Eric Adams, NYC Mayor declared an emergency. In August 2022, 203,597 illegal immigrants crossed the southern border. The media has not focused on this. Adams has set up a tent town on Randall’s Island in order to handle the influx. On Wednesday, the first 500 single men were expected to arrive.

What can they look forward to when they stay in tent accommodations?

On Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams unveiled his controversial tent city. It details how migrants will receive three meals per day, a fluff-and fold laundry service, and a variety of entertainment such as TV and video.

“This is a place where people can rest, relax, and kick their feet up following a long journey,” Zach Iscol, Emergency Management Commissioner, told reporters at Randall’s Island.

Two popcorn machines, Xbox consoles, foosball and ping-pong tables, as well 12 phones that can make international calls, are available. Snacks will be served in addition to the three meals per day. Coffee, tea, water and water will also be available 24 hours a day. The meals will be “culturally appropriate” and will change regularly.

We are glad to report that none of these illegal aliens will be offended if they don’t eat food that is culturally appropriate. It will also rotate so they won’t get bored. These officials in NYC are joking? Why would you leave if you don’t mind sharing your bed with many other people? They’ll issue ID cards for illegal aliens, so that the homeless Americans are not able to get in. When you use IDs to keep Americans out, they’re not Jim Crow 2.0.

How do the homeless Americans feel about this? They’re outraged.

“They have Xboxes?” Baran Hines, 36, said: “Get the f-k outta there!”

According to the Brooklyn native, he has been living in Randall’s Island’s HELP Meyer shelter since August. He lives in a high-rise located just 350 yards from Randall’s Island. It is visible from the new tent capital.

Hines stated, “The building in which I am is so f-king terrible.”

“Every floor has a horrible stench. Bathrooms are horrible with piss everywhere, and s-t everywhere. The bathroom is a breeding ground for flies.

He said, “The tents look five-fold better.”

Hines stated that he sleeps in a “raggedy bed with hard mattresses” and that the food he eats is “not good for you.”

He said, “Once per month, if the food is familiar, I will eat it.” “But, you can taste certain meals and not know what they are.”

Many times, the laundry machines and elevators don’t work.

Mayor Eric Adams stated that there are always going be reasons why people think someone is better than them. He also addressed the complaints of the homeless men. It is true, especially when illegal aliens have better living conditions. They pay $5,300 per person per month to live in this crummy shelter. They could live in the most luxurious apartment with all the amenities for this amount of money. This is the result of a Democratic-run municipality.

According to men at Manhattan’s Bellevue shelter, illegal aliens are receiving preferential treatment in the homeless shelter system. Residents of shelters claimed that fights have broken out due to the overcrowding, tensions, and one resident said, “It’s going to blow up any day now.” Adams’ answer to questions about this? Adams’ response to questions about that?