January 6th Committee Issues Subpoena on Trump, but Will He Testify?

Last week, the increasingly irrelevant J6 Committee voted unanimously to subpoena Donald Trump to testify. I believe that Trump did not expect this move.

The committee sent a letter to Donald Trump on Friday. They want him to appear before them to present evidence of his actions that day. It is not yet clear if Trump will appear before the committee.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional scholar noted that “If Trump wanted to testify, it should have subpoenaed him in 2021.” Liberals celebrated Trump’s latest move by the committee as a “bombshell end” rather than asking why it wasn’t a “bombshell beginning”.

Trump will be asked to appear before this committee by November 14.

They may not want him to testify. This is because they are timing it right before the midterm elections when the Republican Party is widely anticipated to win control in the House and disband the transparently partisan J6 Committee.

Trump indicated that he would be willing to appear before this committee. Trump sent a letter to the committee last week after they unanimously subpoenaed.

He stated, “It is a witch hunt at all levels.” “Instead of seeking out the fraudsters, you are pursuing the great American Patriots, who challenged it as their Constitutional right.” “Your Committee allows their lives to be destroyed, while it basks under the glow. ”

This doesn’t mean that Trump’s testimony will not take place. The Republican majority could dissolve the committee before an agreement is reached.