Now We Know Why Mayorkas Won’t Secure the Border

The Biden administration insists our southern border is safe despite the fact that we are currently in the midst of the most severe border crisis in human history. This is why Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, is in danger of being impeached.

It all makes sense after you watch his interview with Chris Wallace at CNN.

Mayorkas stated that the goal was to have operational control over the border and to provide support for our personnel with the resources, technology, and policies that will improve the security of our border. This does not compromise the country’s values. If the law does not meet our highest ideals, or is functional in service of them, it should be amended.

Mayorkas is still stubborn in the face Republican attempts to remove him. Wallace, however, asked him about his insistence that the border was secure and he responded very clearly.

Wallace asked, “What does secure mean to you?”

Mayorkas stated that there is no common definition.

He continued, “If one examines [Congress’s 2006] statute definition, the literal meaning of the statutory text, then if one person succeeds in evading law enforcement at the frontier, then we have violated the security at the border.” “Our goal is operational control of the frontier, to support our personnel with resources, technology, and policies that improve the security of the border but not at the expense of the country’s values. Because policies that were not in line with our values were passed or promulgated during the previous [Donald Trump] administration.”

Excuse me? Mayorkas sounds to be saying that “securing border” is a subjective measure of our values. He claimed that Trump did not secure the border due to his policies being mean or unjust. Biden’s administration clearly believes that they are securing border, even though illegal immigrant encounters have reached historic highs.