New York City Playstation Giveaway Turns Violent as Crowd Turns on Police

Union Square in New York City was engulfed by violence Friday afternoon as at least 1,000 children and teens flooded the area to get a free PlayStation.

A spokesperson from the New York City Police Department said that at least 1,000 children gathered around Union Square Park to participate in a Playstation Giveaway organized by an influencer on social media.

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat announced around 2:00 pm on Friday there would be an event at Union Square Park at 3:30 pm.

The video shows several people throwing bottles at police officers.

A police spokesperson confirmed that level four mobilization had been issued.

The police used loudspeakers to warn the crowd that “This gathering is illegal.” “You are ordered to disperse.”

Cenat, a social media influencer, is seen in a video on Cenat’s live Twitch before it was cut off. She can be seen getting out of her van and running.

In the Union Square Park incident, some people were seen climbing onto a moving vehicle while it was speeding away. Others pounded the side of a bus.

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