New Transgender Owner of Miss Universe Celebrates an End to It Being Run by Men

Miss Universe is changing. This was apparent in a recent declaration by the new Miss Universe owner.

The show was held Saturday, and CEO Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip told the audience it was a transformative day.

At the 71st Miss Universe competition in New Orleans, Anne heralded female dominance.

The biological male touted the start of womanly stewardship — and an end to manly ownership:

“It has been seventy years (that) the Miss Universe Organization [has been run] by men. But now, the time is up. It’s the moment, really, for women to take the lead. … Welcome to the new era of the global women’s empowerment platform. Welcome to the Miss Universe Organization.”

Out with the old and in with the new.

“From now on, it’s going to be [run] by women, and owned by a transwoman.

Anne shared her story of triumph.

The crowd applauded and hugged the orator.

“We can make all women feel strong and confident

Anne is certainly in control. A billionaire from Thailand, JKN Global Group Public Company Limited was the largest shareholder. He bought the Miss Universe Organization for $20 million from Endeavor’s IMG.

Since at least 2018, Angela Ponce, a biological man, has been competing in the pageant. She won the Spanish lower pageant.

Transgender people can be found all over the world, in politics, education, medicine, and even the military.

More to come. Anne purchased the Miss Universe Miss USA and Miss Teen USA beauty contests in October.

Pageants can no longer carry the same weight as before.

Change is definitely in the air:

At first, Miss Universe’s rules only allowed single women between 18 and 28 to apply. Ratings have plummeted in recent years so both events have tried to transcend their roots.

Harnaaz Sandhu won Miss Universe India. This pageant attracted 2.7 Million viewers on Fox last year. Fox ranked in the bottom half among the four major broadcasters.