Ex-Intel Official Admits He Knew Hunter Laptop Was Real, and That’s Not the Worst Part

Kevin McCarthy (then-House Minority Leader) stated last summer that the House Republicans would seek out answers from 51 former intelligence officials who had dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop tale in a letter. The letter was widely discredited by the media to discredit its contents.

House Republicans now have a majority. At least one official has admitted that he knew the laptop was authentic.
Douglas Wise, a former deputy Director of Defense Intelligence Agency stated to The Australian that he knew that Hunter Biden’s laptop files “had to be real.” ”

Wise said that they all agreed that Russian disinformation content had to be authentic.

Joe Biden used the letter to prove the laptop was Russian disinformation. Rudy Giuliani is his friend and doesn’t believe it.

The laptop is 100% authentic. There was no evidence that it was Russian disinformation.

The initial letter contained a brief disclaimer about whether officials could determine definitively if emails on the laptop were genuine, but the letter specifically mentioned their collective experience in discrediting the contents of the laptop.

The letter stated that all of us had an understanding of the many Russian overt and covert activities that threaten US security. Some of us also worked to combat Russian information operations within the United States in the past few years. The letter stated that laptop’s email exposure had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian intelligence operations.”

Officials stated that such an operation would be consistent with Russia’s key methods for interfering in democracy over the past multiple-years — hacking via cyberoperations and the dumping of incorrect or misleading information.

They never admitted that the contents of their laptop were genuine in the letter. Wise and the other intelligence officers didn’t admit to the deception. He is still guilty of misleading the public.

He stated, “I don’t regret signing it due to the context. Remember that Giuliani was visiting Ukraine to look for evidence on the Bidens and met with an intelligence officer from Russia. ”

I believe the House Republicans will be keen to have a conversation with him soon.