New Day for Trump Indictment, When Will He Surrender?

Evidently, Donald Trump’s arrest didn’t take place on Tuesday as was originally reported on Trump’s Truth Social feed. The Daily Mail has a new exclusive that provides fresh details.

According to the report, Trump will be indicted Wednesday following the appearance of a final witness before the grand jury. Although the Daily Mail headline makes it sound conclusive, I find it to be ambiguous. However, there is still evidence that needs to be presented. reports that Donald Trump will be indicted Wednesday, but won’t appear in front of a New York judge until next week. exclusive: A source familiar with the proceedings said that there would be no arraignment Tuesday.

According to an insider, the former president is currently in Florida and will be charged on Wednesday. After that, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office will contact Trump and his Secret Service detail in order to arrange for his surrender.

In a previous report, I explained that the grand jury meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I speculated that there wouldn’t be an indictment on Tuesday, which seems to have been confirmed. A Wednesday indictment would signify that jury deliberations will conclude in short order. This is something that’s not a guarantee unless the game is truly rigged.

This “insider” says that Wednesday is the day and that the District Attorney’s Office is planning to contact the Secret Service to arrange Trump’s surrender. This is easy to believe. It was never going to end in an extradition battle. Trump will not miss the opportunity to show off the fact that the US Constitution requires extradition. If it happens, you can expect him to smile like the Cheshire Cat when he takes his mug shot.

While the banks collapse, wars rage and Joe Biden’s brain continues to liquefy, The Soros-funded DA is staging a show to please his ego, while real issues are put on the back burner. It’s not likely that the majority of Americans will be able to take this seriously, especially when it becomes clear how weak the case is.

There is a small chance that the grand jury votes not to indict and all of this was a waste. Some people will need to explain if that happens.