Florida May Expand Ban Against Teaching About Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

Florida State Board of Education proposed a rule that would allow schools to teach about gender identity and orientation.

The rule amendment proposes that Sunshine State educators shouldn’t teach these topics in prekindergarten through third grades and that they should not teach them about those subjects in fourth through twelfth grades.

In 2022, state law prohibited teaching such material in kindergarten through third grade. State lawmakers are now considering expanding that ban to prekindergarten through eighth grades.

The current law says that “classroom instruction by school personnel and third parties on sexual orientation/gender identity may not be given in kindergarten through grade 3, or in a manner which is not age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate for students in line with state standards.”

The rule amendment proposal is also more extensive than the one the state board approved last year and which prohibited the teaching of the topic from kindergarten to third grade.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the vote will take place on April 19.

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