NBC’s Bold Move for Pride Month – Documentary on ‘Queer’ Animals


NBCUniversal is kicking off Pride Month with a nature documentary that celebrates “queer” animal species.

On June 6, the streaming service Peacock will debut “Queer Planet”, a series about LGBTQ animals.

Take a journey around the world to explore animal sexuality. From flamboyant pink flamingos to pansexual primates, sex-changing clownfish, and multi-gendered mushrooms, there’s something for everyone. The synopsis of the documentary reads: “This documentary examines extraordinary creatures and witnesses amazing behaviors. It also introduces scientists who question the traditional notion of what is natural when it comes sex and gender.”


In the trailer, actor and host Andrew Rannells says that “just two genders is out of fashion.”

“Nature has many queer surprises.” “To be honest, I think we all should probably lay a bit more often than we do,” says the author.

The guests in the trailer claim that only humans are “stigmatized” for being “queer.”

In a press statement, Rannells said: “We all know about gay penguins. But this film opened my eyes to the entire spectrum of LGBTQ+ behavior in the natural world. What could be more natural than being yourself? I’m thrilled to be a part of Queer Planet during Pride Month and on Peacock. It’s the most colorful, glamorous, and vibrant streaming service.”

According to SyFy, the documentary will feature commentary from several scientists, including Bradley Trevor Greive, an author and naturalist, Dr. Martin Stervander, a biologist, Dr. Christine Wilkinson, a science historian, Dr. Ross Brooks, et al.

The trailer for this show was met with criticism on Peacock‚Äôs YouTube channel. The top comment asked why “Humans cannot just leave animals alone?”