Nancy Pelosi Announces Her Future in Politics

The balance of power in Congress is in doubt through the 2022 midterm elections season. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.), declined to speculate about her future. Pelosi, now that Republicans have a majority in the House, announced that she would not be seeking re-election as leader of the Democratic caucus.

Pelosi is the leader of the Democrats in the House and has been in that position since 2003. She is also one of the longest-serving leaders within either party. In 2007, she was elected House Speaker for the first time. She served until 2011, when Republicans won the majority. Eight years later, when the Democrats won a majority, she was elected Speaker again.

“After leading the Democrats for two decades, she announced Thursday that the House Speaker would step down next year. This will close a historic run for the most powerful women in American history and open the door for a younger generation to rise into the leadership ranks,” Mike Lillis writes at The Hill.

Pelosi delivered a touching speech on the House Floor, which was interrupted by members of Congress with applause.

She stated, “And with great confidence and support from our caucus I will not seek to reelect Democratic leadership in Congress next year.” “I believe the time has come for a new generation of leaders to lead the Democratic caucus I deeply respect. I’m grateful to so many who are willing and able to take on this immense responsibility.”

Pelosi will be reelected to her current congressional term, but it is not clear who will succeed her as leader of Democratic caucus.