Afghan Gov’t Was Misled By US Officials And Ignored Signs Of America’s Exit, Report Alleges

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 07: FBI Director Christopher Wray speaks during a press conference on a national security matter at the Department of Justice on October 7, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Jim Watson-Pool/Getty Images)

Christopher Wray, FBI Director confirmed that the FBI is investigating the Chinese government’s efforts to establish American police stations. He expressed concern about Beijing’s “outrageous, transnational repression tactics.” ”
Safeguard Defenders, an international non profit organization, conducted investigations in the U.S. and other countries. The Spanish human rights advocacy group, Human Rights Watch, released the September report “Chinese Transnational Police Policing Gone wild”. The report stated that 54 Chinese police stations were discovered in 30 countries across five continents.

Wray was interrogated by Senator Rick Scott (R.FL), about Chinese efforts during a Thursday Senate hearing. The FBI director pointed fingers at Xi Jinping for being the culprit.

Wray said, “Like yours, I’m very concerned about this. Wray stated, “Like you, I’m very worried about this.”

Wray stated: “This is because we have seen the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party exporting repression here to the U.S. and we’ve had many indictments that may have been of the Chinese engaging in uncoordinated quote–unquote ‘law enforcement actions’ right here in America. stalking. Blackmailing people they don’t like. We are in talks with our foreign partners.

Scott inquired directly of Wray if Chinese police stations are allowed to operate in America.

Wray stated that “Well, we’re looking at the legal parameters. So I want to be a bit more careful about not tripping over my skis on it.” “But suffice it to say, from the FBI Director perspective, this is something that I am deeply concerned about. And I’m not going to lie. ”

Wray said that the Justice Department might need to pursue “remedies” in addition to “there might have been a State Department dimension.” ”

According to reports, the Chinese police station can be found in Lower Manhattan. America ChangLe Association NY Inc. manages it. It is managed by America ChangLe Association NY Inc. Three years later, it paid $1.3million for the suite offices that house the Fuzhou Police Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau.

Wray also addressed Chinese surveillance efforts. We’ve seen instances when they have planted buggers in American cars. We are trying to emphasize that one of the most troubling things they are doing is hiring private investigators from the U.S. to help with some of their investigations.

The FBI director stated that it was important for Chinese Americans and Chinese dissidents to report instances in which they felt they were affected by Chinese conduct.

The U.S. government has warned repeatedly about China’s “Operation Fox Hunt”, an extrajudicial repatriation effort aimed at forcing Uyghurs and other Chinese dissidents to return to China.

The Justice Department indicted Chinese officials for a plot to harass transnationally in October. Wray had accused China that it violated its sovereignty as well as the norms police use to conduct lawless intimidation campaigns within our borders.

Safeguard Defenders claimed its report was confirmed in October by an anonymous official of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He told El Correo (a Spanish newspaper), “I don’t see anything wrong pressing criminals to face trials with all the guarantees under Chinese law. ”

Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry stated that the sites you mentioned were not ‘police stations’ or ‘police service centers’. They allow Chinese citizens abroad to use the internet platform to renew their driving licences and obtain physical checks. ”

Zhao stated, “There is no reason to make people anxious.” “