MSNBC Anchor Gets Mugged By Reality During Segment on J6 Committee Antics

The much-publicized January 6 Committee, as it was called by the MSM, has been wildly partisan right from the beginning – and that is because of design. It’s obvious that conservatives have known this since the beginning. However, the Usual Suspects of the mainstream media have been slow to adopt this view. This is likely because they are fiercely partisan.

Sometimes, reality can catch up to them. This happened Wednesday on MSNBC’s “11th Hour,” where reports were discussed that the committee, according to Chairman Bennie Thompson (D.Miss.). They were “close to putting the pen down” to share the final results of their “investigation.”

Stephanie Ruhle, the host of the Washington Post, spoke to Carol Leonnig, Washington Post reporter about Thompson’s statement that he would like to release the final report to the public and to Biden’s Department. a joint meeting of Justice and the DOJ to review it. Ruhle was unable to understand it. Leonnig tried her best to explain and justify the reasoning.

Leonnig: You know, the MO of the committee is Steph, which is a totally different MO from the Department of Justice. The committee’s MO was to look at the evidence. We did the digging, did the hard work, and were the first to go out of the gate and find these witnesses. And now we are sharing it with all Americans. You know that the Department of Justice is often at the forefront of these types of investigations, despite having covered them for many years. They are in front of reporters and Congress. The January 6 committee almost operated as if it was a subordinate of the Department of Justice.

It was actually gathering new facts, fresh facts. It was a bad case for Donald Trump in the criminal case of obstruction of a government proceeding.

According to Bennie Thompson’s opinion, and many other lawmakers’, they will issue their report. They’ll share all facts before they release transcripts. Fair enough, the Department of Justice claims a lot of this material and they are doing the right thing by asking for everything. They won’t cherry-pick.

Ruhle: I guess that’s why I’m still having trouble understanding. According to what you are telling me, it sounds like the committee has gone super-political. If their entire purpose in the committee was to gather this information to make the country stronger and more secure, shouldn’t they do all of the work immediately and give it to the Justice Department? Your statement sounds like they are saying that no. They want the world to see their work and celebrate with them. It sounds very political.

Leonnig: Isn’t everything in Congress ultimately politically motivated? We should not have hearings during primetime. Why would we withhold information from you until the 8:00 news? This is exactly what happened during the congressional investigation. That is not a criticism.

Carol, you are absolutely right. You don’t.


Ruhle is a liberally biased host at MSNBC (in fact, she is in the top five), so it is no surprise that she came to realize that the committee was more about politics than “the truth”.

CNN’s Thursday morning newscast featured Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D. Calif.), who promised all “evidence” would be out by the end of January. This is likely to be because Republicans will soon take control of the committee in January.

Our “fearless leader” at the White House would tell us, “gird your loins…”