Did Joe Biden Just Hint That He Won’t Run For Reelection?

Although Joe Biden publicly stated his intention to run for president many believe he won’t. He’s not a likely candidate for reelection due to his advanced age, cognitive decline, and alarming poll numbers. The White House strongly supports his intention to run, and a final decision is expected in the first quarter of next year.

However, Biden made it clear that he is not certain if he will run for reelection during Wednesday’s White House Tribal Nations Summit.

Biden thanked himself for being the greatest president of history and dismissed an audience member who shouted, “four more Years!”

“Well, let me tell you, this administration has done more than any president ever.”  “Period,” Biden stated, prompting applause. “I am committed.”

The audience laughed and exclaimed, “Four more years!”

Biden replied, “Oh, that’s not what I know.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, then-Deputy Press Secretary, stated last year that “he plans to run for reelection in 2024.” Biden said at the same time that he would run as long as he was in good health. Biden also stated that Trump’s nomination would only make him more eager to run for reelection. Biden asked, “Why would you not run against Donald Trump if that were the case?” “That would increase the prospect of running.”

Donald Trump is the only confirmed GOP candidate for 2024.