MSM, Democrats Can’t Be Election Deniers

The radical left is held to a double standard. It doesn’t matter if Democrats are racist, violate the law, or question the election results. There is always a reason it’s different.

This is an example: Time magazine published an article saying that Republicans who call Hakeem Jeffries, the House Minority Leader-elect (D-N.Y.), an “election denier”, are wrong.

Jeffries is a liar. We have the receipts. He is one of many Democrats that have called Donald Trump an illegitimate president.

Time reports that the term “election negator” is associated with Republicans who claim the 2020 election was stolen, claiming they have no evidence of fraud in 2020 voting.

However, the author claims that Jeffries is an “election denier”, which is misleading, and that it “conflates various issues.” But, the real issue is that Jeffries, and other members of his party, have repeatedly denied that the results are true for presidential elections won by Republicans.

Democrats have called every Republican presidential election since 2000 “illegitimate” Democrats declared Al Gore “selected, but not elected” after George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in 2000. Joe Biden stated as recently as 2013, that he believed Al Gore won the 2000’s presidential election.

John Kerry nearly challenged the 2004 election results in Ohio on the basis of weak claims about problems with voting machines. A few Democrats tried to delay the certification of the results of the 2004 presidential elections because they didn’t want Ohio’s electoral vote to count. John Kerry maintained that Bush won the election in 2018.

The Russian conspiracy theory was the reason Donald Trump won his surprise election victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. This was not proven, and the multi-million-dollar investigation by the special counsel failed to find any evidence. Many Democrats believe Trump “stoleā€ the election, despite this fact.

In all of these cases, however, the free speech of those making false claims was never denied in the same way that those calling out electoral irregularities in 2020.

So Time magazine’s explanation for why Jeffries and other Democrats don’t vote against elections falls apart. Democrats claim that elections are stolen repeatedly, but without any evidence. It is almost a Democrat pastime.