More People Than Ever Gathered to Watch Reliable Sources Burn, but Fox News Still Beats Stelter

I have never viewed an episode of “Reliable sources” in my entire life. I only watch the clips on Twitter to get a glimpse at the utterly biased lunacy Brian Stelter is up to. But even I was tempted just to see what he might say or do. I decided to do something else, which was better for my time.

However, many people couldn’t resist the pull of Stelter and his ship going down. According to Variety, “Reliable Sources”, had more viewers than the average viewership in its last episode. Variety reports that Stelter’s last Sunday appearance on CNN attracted quite a lot of viewers.

Nielsen reports that the last broadcast, hosted by Brian Stelter as host, attracted an average of 769,000 viewers. This includes 105,000 viewers aged 25-54, which is the most desirable demographic for advertisers in news programming. “Reliable Sources,” with an average audience of 521,000, has more viewers than Sunday’s 8 p.m. “Newsroom” which attracted 78,000 viewers in the advertiser’s demo. The average audience for a “CNN Special Report” at 9:00 p.m. was 722,000, and 97,000 in the advertiser demo. W. Kamau Bell’s series “United Shades of America”, on the other hand, won an average of 694,000 viewers. 120,000 were in the ad demo.

This was a remarkable enough number for CNN to surpass MSNBC in the time slot. However, despite CNN’s sinking ship and its captain going down with them, Stelter couldn’t match Fox News’s MediaBuzz which pulled in 1.39million viewers with 220,000 viewers between 25-54, the key demographic.

These are huge numbers for CNN. According to The Wrap last June, “Reliable Sources,” a channel that broadcasts live from the US, attracted an average of 585,00 viewers. Only 79,000 viewers were in the key demo.

Nick Arama pointed out that Stelter’s episode was filled with anti-conservative absurdity. He can’t even watch a Republican cough without labeling it a threat to the “democracy” and said that America’s “far-right” makes it dangerous to do his job, just as in Russia or North Korea. Stelter was completely deluded by the moment.

“CNN’s Brian Stelter denies outside criticism of journalism as a poisonous cloud that has spread across the country and the globe. Houck said that he is “proud” of having worked for a network in which they knew they had the opportunity to attack and fight Trump.

It’s wrong to critique journalism. Isn’t this what Stelter’s program was supposed to be about? That’s why he left because his show was not that. It devolved into an ongoing attack on Trump and Fox News. It was funny, though, as he discussed why the media failed to cover important stories. He and Carl Bernstein then reverted to the story about democracy being threatened by authoritarianism (translation to them: Trump).

Stelter was loved by his viewers, and it’s clear that he wasn’t fired because he was too popular. All evidence points to Stelter’s divisive nature for the Democrat Party. Every episode he made was either ignored or if he said something outrageous enough, it would be shared around the internet to be laughed at or derided.

I am willing to wager that “Reliable Sources” was not seen by more people than ever before to say goodbye to its host and bid them a fond farewell. I am willing to wager that quite a lot of people watched the train crash and derail, with many more people watching to see if there would be tears.

Good riddance to all the bad garbage.