More Election Fraud In Pennsylvania

Over the last several weeks we’ve been gathering horror stories of the numerous issues with mail-in ballots through the United States. From sending ballots to dead people and mislabeling mailing addresses on other ballots, there’s been a massive problem with the way people are voting this year. 

Allegheny County has approved mail-in ballot applications for 371,062 voters, of which 35,000-40,000 still have to be mailed.

About 28,800 of the ballots were incorrectly printed by a contractor for Allegheny County. A contractor, Midwest Direct, was a part of mailing out ballots to voters on Sept. 25. A county official later confirmed there had been a “ballot image mapping error” that resulted in individual voter’s information being matched to the ballot for the next voter in the batch. 

Election Divisions staff have started separating the ballots that were received by voters affected by the issue and those will be set aside. At least 28,879 voters have voted using the incorrect ballots and returned them to the county already. 

David Voye, Elections Division Manager, said that the incorrect ballots will be set aside and “reviewed” following the election. This means that even though some of the faulty ballots were returned, those voters will not have their votes counted. 

“This was a failure on behalf of our contractor that impacted too many of our voters. I apologize for it and commit to you that I will do everything in my power to ensure that we are not plagued by any other such issues,” Voye said, during a virtual news conference. 

Voye pledges to be “fair and transparent” in accurately counting and protecting all votes. The company was getting ready to send an additional 19,564 ballots when the error from the first batch was reported. The problem is that this issue was discovered by the voters rather than the county. It wastes a great deal of time for voters that have to return the ballots and do it all over again. 

It appears that during these times of election fraud, there will only be investigations and matters dealt with after the election. Dems have been preparing for four years now. It’ll be doubtful that President Trump can win Pennsylvania, though he did back in 2016 by just 45,000 votes, if the election officials continue to screw up the majority of the ballots and investigate any incorrect ballots after Nov. 3. 

If the left remembers this correctly, election fraud carries a prison sentence…just saying.