Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Censored Again For “Vaccine Misinformation”

Just a few days ago, President Joe Biden and US Surgeon General Vivek Murphy came out and announced that vaccine misinformation was the “leading” cause in killing people.

The Biden Administration went so far as to suggest that social media companies are killing people by “failing to police misinformation on their platforms.” They said that the deaths and serious illnesses from the virus are almost entirely preventable by the vaccines and that they’ve found them to be both safe and effective.

The White House is demanding that Facebook and Twitter go “full censorship mode” after seeing the “spread of misinformation” on social media platforms. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the staff officials were engaging with social media platforms to “help combat the spread of misinformation on the pandemic.” She said they would “flag problematic posts” for Facebook and target them for removal. At this point, misinformation is just anything that the Democrats don’t agree with.

It got so biased that even Facebook pushed back against Biden’s suggestion, adding that the platform will not be distracted by his administration’s accusations that aren’t supported by the facts.

Facebook spokesperson Dani Lever went on to say that more than 2 billion people have viewed authoritative information about the COVID-19 vaccine on Facebook, which is more than any other place on the internet. Lever said that more than 3.3 million Americans have used the website’s vaccine finder tool to find out where and how to get a vaccine. “The facts show that Facebook is helping save lives. Period,” Lever said.

But other Big Tech platforms have been folding to the pressure of the White House. Twitter, another Big Tech platform, recently announced the 24-hour suspension of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Facebook account for violations of the Twitter rules, specifically the COVID-19 misleading information policy. Twitter went on and slapped “misleading” warnings on some of her vaccination content, but it’s unclear which tweet led to the ban.

The last tweet before Greene’s account got suspended was in response to Rep. Thomas Massie, who posted that more than 15% of the military command officers said they would retire early or resign their commissions if the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is given. Rep. Greene replied with her personal opinion of the vaccine, but even that isn’t good enough for Twitter anymore.

“The controversial #COVID19 vaccines should not be forced on our military for a virus that is not dangerous for non-obese people and those under 65. With 6,000 vax-related deaths and many concerning side effects reported, the vax should be a choice not a mandate for everyone,” Greene tweeted.

The figures she mentions are regarding well-documented complications of the vaccine, but the rest of the tweet was merely an opinion about mandatory vaccines. But because her opinion doesn’t line up with the Biden Administration, then it’s considered misinformation. Even former president Donald Trump, the person with the highest position in the world, got taken off Twitter for posting conservative opinions. It’s not a coincidence what happened to Rep. Greene, it’s just political.

A Twitter spokesperson told the New York Times that the company took “enforcement action” on Greene’s account for spreading COVID-19 misinformation and have flagged other tweets related to the vaccinations and wearing face coverings. This isn’t the first time Big Tech has suspended Greene’s account. They even admitted it was an “accident” the second time it happened in April.

Greene said it is a “Communist-style attack on free speech” and that these companies are working with the Biden Administration to censor Americans and prevent the spread of any message that isn’t state-approved. She went on to say that she will not back down and will continue to tell the truth to the American people.

Greene’s tweet was suggesting that if you’re under 65 and not obese, then there isn’t much need for the vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website also states that risks of hospitalization, intensive care unit admission, invasive mechanical ventilation, and death are higher with increasing BMI.5 and particularly pronounced in those under the age of 65. One is straight-to-the-point and the other is a word salad, but they essentially state the same thing. Only the Conservative got censored for saying it.