Marine Le Pen Rallies France with Bold Call to Deport Dual Nationals Following Radical Islam

France’s snap elections will decide who will be in the National Assembly of France, France’s legislative body. They may also serve as a preview of the presidential elections in 2027.

Marine Le Pen has an interest in the outcome of both elections. Some have tipped her as the frontrunner for the second French presidential election. Jordan Bardella may be the next Prime Minister. Sky News reported that Macron, who is also Le Pen’s Rassemblement National or National Rally leader, will not be eligible for reelection in 2027.

Le Pen’s address, given after the announcement of new elections, is worth listening to. Le Pen’s speech addressed the dire situation that France is in, as it has become mired in an illegal immigration swamp. She focused on a subset of dual-citizens who are coming to France: those who adhere to radical Islam ideologies.

She said:

I appeal [to] the wisdom and good-sense of French [people]. Give me one reason why we should keep foreigners in France who serve a totalitarian ideology that seeks to destroy France.

Dual-nationals linked to the islamist ideology must be expulsed and stripped of their nationality.

She didn’t hold back when she spoke about native Frenchmen and Frenchwomen who support radical Islamist doctrines.

Frenchmen must be punished for embracing the ideologies of their enemies. The laws are in place but need to be enforced. As president, I will apply these laws without compromising.

Now the crowd is chanting, “Marine president! ” Le Pen continued:

I can assure that in a few weeks France will have taken all the steps necessary to protect itself against the “S Files”, and will be fully compliant. The radical mosques will close, hate preachers expelled and associations [fused] (In a few short weeks, I will promise that France will take all necessary steps to protect itself from the “S Files”. Hate preachers will be expelled and the associations will be [fused?].

You can rest assured that women in France are going to receive their rights, which have been stifled by the Islamist obscurantism.

I will never compromise the security of France.

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