Italian PM Giorgia Meloni’s Intense Death Glare at Emmanuel Macron Stuns G7 Summit

If stares could kill, then French President Emmanuel Macron is dead now. Thanks to a death glare by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Melons at the G7 Summit in Italy.

We reported that President Joe Biden attended the confab as well and made a fool out of himself before world leaders. Meloni led him back several times after he wandered away.

Meloni, however, was the one who lit up this weekend’s internet as she attempted to drill holes into Macron’s skull with her eyes.

In the video clip, Macron is seen walking down a long line and shaking hands with Italian President Sergio Mattarella as well as his daughter, First Lady of Italy Laura Mattarella before he arrives at Meloni.

Meloni is seen giving Macron a “death gaze” as he makes his way through the line. She appears to fake a smile when Macron arrives and they shake hands.

It also appears that she is making the “nauseated face” as Macron continues to walk down the line.


Every married man has experienced that look of his wife on a few occasions. It makes them feel shiver to the core. Hell hath not fury, and all that.

Macron has had a rough time in the last few days.

Why the sour feelings between Macron and Meloni, you may ask? Meloni believed that the G-7 statement should have focused more on the life of the unborn than the termination of pregnancies. In 2022, she became Italy’s First Female President by running on the platform of “God Fatherland and Family”. She has also encouraged women to have children to reverse Italy’s demographic crisis.

After the exchange, the two leaders had a heated discussion over the use “abortion” within the G-7 statement. Meloni’s Government had tried to reduce references to abortion within the G-7 final statement.

The final statement released on Friday omits “abortion”, but refers to the need to promote reproductive health and rights.

Macron told an Italian journalist on Thursday that he regretted his decision. “It is not a view that’s shared by all political spectrums.”

Meloni’s death stare received a great deal of attention. Multiple posts like this have been made:

Meloni’s expressions have appeared before on the lips of other world leaders.

If our paths do ever cross, I know for certain that I will never be able to cross her. The only question is: Can a death stare be heard? If so, it will be called the Death Stare Heard Around the World.